Henry Zhang

Since Google only allow me to post one review, I registered a new account just for this.

I didn’t purchase my Audi here but every time I bring my car here for general service and repair, service advisor Wissam always treat me well with friendly and patience. Couple days ago I bring my car here for examination, there was humming sound when the car reached 60km/h, I’m not sure that is the bearing issues or just noise from tire. The mechanic done a test drive, and rise my car in the shop and use a auto stethoscope carefully check the bearing and then turns out the tire is feathering, reason is that the car used to be set in the parking lot with low tire pressure for excessive time.

How do I know that? Wissam and his team member the mechanic took me to the shop and show it to me with detailed explanation. And gave me a lot of useful and helpful information. During waiting, I wonder at the lobby checking out some new cars, one of the sales Jonathon came up and we had a really nice conversation.

They made me really feel that I’m part of Audi family, and guess if I need a new Audi or any of my friend/family member want to buy one, I will 100% recommend this place. And their management level must done a good job to manage this place and running such good team. Please keep it up.